Brian Grim enters race for mayor, must resign as city councilman

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April 1, 2010

Brian Grim enters race for mayor, must resign post as city councilman

— CUMBERLAND?— City Councilman Brian Grim is looking to take the next step in his political career by running for mayor in the 2010 election.

Gary Logan has also filed for the position.

According to Cumberland’s City Code,?Grim is required to resign from his position on the City Council in order to file for mayor. “He’ll continue serving on the council until January 3rd, which is the first Monday in January following the election,” said City Clerk Margie Eirich. “He would have to wait two years for the next open seat and run again if he didn’t become mayor and wanted to rejoin the council. If he withdraws his filing for mayor by July 6, he would also withdraw his resignation.”

Grim’s resignation will result in three council seats being on this year’s ballot — Grim’s seat and the two  currently occupied by Butch Hendershot, who has filed for re-election, and Pete Elliott.

Should he not be elected mayor, Grim said he would consider running for local office again in the future.

Mayor Lee Fiedler said he is unsure whether he will run for re-election. “I haven’t made my mind up about what I’m going to do yet,” said Fiedler. “I’m still thinking about it and hope to make my mind up sometime this summer. I’m still on that schedule.”

“I’m interested in continuing to grow our community,” said Grim.?“I’ve been on the council now for a year and a half. I’ve seen a lot of things that we need to protect and a lot of things that we need to focus on, and I’m interested in being mayor for those simple reasons.”

Grim added that his campaign will focus on issues similar to those he tackled during his run for council. “Protecting public safety is a critical issue, as is working to find companies that can come here and provide jobs for our community,” said Grim. “For me, infrastructure is a big thing as well. These issues were critical to my election in 2008 and they’re going to remain important to me now.

“I have a lot of support from folks that I’ve spoken with about filing,” said Grim. “There are certainly issues that have been brought up to me over the past year and even before that. Infrastructure and jobs are the most critical issues to our community.”

Grim said that he’s going to focus on his campaign rather than sparring with Logan. “The only barometer of who’s running at this point is who has actually filed papers,” said Grim. “I’ll be focused entirely on my campaign, not what Mr. Logan is doing or saying. My focus will be what I?have to offer.”

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