A Brief Biography of Brian Grim...

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Brian was born and raised in the City of Cumberland and has one younger brother, a Physical Therapist.


Brian attended elementary school at St. Mary’s Catholic Elementary until it closed. At that time, he entered the Allegany County Public School system. In 1997, Brian graduated from Fort Hill High School, then started his college career just two weeks after graduation, at Allegany College. He has received all of his college education in Allegany County.



Brian graduated from Allegany College with multiple Associate Degrees before enrolling at Frostburg State University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in political science and a double major in justice studies. He continued at FSU to earn his Master’s Degree in Teaching.



Throughout his college days, Brian worked at a number of local establishments, including TWR Communications, before becoming employed at Rocky Gap State Park, where he works, to this day, as a Contractual Park Ranger, overseeing all park operations while on duty and coordinating emergency situations as well as daily public service facilities within the park. Brian also served as a substitute teacher in Allegany County, having taught high school classes in U.S. History, Criminal Justice and Contemporary World Issues to juniors and seniors.  In 2012, Brian was hired as an adjunct professor at Frostburg State University, teaching advanced courses at the university.  In 2013, Brian took the position of Executive Director of Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc., overseeing a multi-million dollar mortgage portfolio and the NAILS Missions home repair program.



Since 1992, Brian has volunteered at a number of community events and with many organizations.  "My family instilled in me, at a very young age, the value of civic participation and service," says Grim.



With the Volunteer Team at Rocky Gap, Brian has volunteered over 10,000 hours in his lifetime, as well as participating with the Western Potomac Chapter of the American Red Cross, where he served as the Vice Chairman, and other organizations and events ranging from the Tri-State Concert Association, to the Allegany Museum, previously, and the Fort Hill Scholarship Foundation. Brian is a member of many other organizations, as well.



Brian worked at Rocky Gap State Park while simultaneously teaching, but in 2008, was elected by the citizens of Cumberland, as the highest vote-getter in the General Election, to serve as a member of the Cumberland City Council. As a candidate for Mayor, in 2010, Brian resigned as a Council member, effective in January of 2011.  On November 2, 2010, Brian was elected Mayor of Cumberland by an overwhelming majority of Cumberland voters, a post that he was sworn into on January 3, 2011.  In 2012, Brian continued to work at Rocky Gap State Park while teaching at Frostburg State University as an adjunct professor.  In February 2013, Brian added to his work load when he accepted the position of Executive Director of Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Service, Inc., still teaching, still working at Rocky Gap, and continuing his duties as Mayor.



As a Council member, Brian served Cumberland as a member of the Historic Preservation Commission, the Neighborhood Advisory Commission, and on the city’s Blight Committee. He has also represented the city with other organizations and has taken an active role, attending as many of the monthly meetings of the city’s neighborhood organizations as possible, of which there are eight different groups serving nearly every corner of the city.  As Mayor, Brian now serves on numerous other committees.


Over the years, Brian has been recognized for service to the community from businesses in the community, three Governors of the State of Maryland, the Maryland General Assembly, two Speakers of the Maryland House of Delegates, the Baltimore Ravens, Parade Magazine, United States Senator, Benjamin Cardin, and three Presidents of the United States.


"All that I have accomplished, however, is due in greatest part to community roots and an instilment in me by my family, friends, and the community at large, in a feeling of community pride and spirit. And that’s what drives me today."