City unveils bids for hospital demolition

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Mayor: Several under $2 million

CUMBERLAND — Seventeen contractor bid packages to demolish the old Memorial Hospital were opened Wednesday at City Hall revealing proposals ranging from the lowest offer of $1.5 million to the highest bid of $4 million.

“I am excited that we have several bids under $2 million,” said Mayor Brian Grim, who attended the bid opening in the city chambers.

The city had estimated in the past that razing just the hospital, not including the medical buildings, would cost $3.5 million.

“I’m delighted with the offers. We see that it will cost us less to tear it down than it would be to maintain it for two years,” said Grim.

Initially, the city was going to enter into a deal to lease the medical buildings and would keep them. The lease arrangements fell through, resulting in the city’s decision to raze the medical buildings as well.

Grim said the previous $3.5 million was an “estimation based on the demolition of the old Washington County Hospital.”

The contractor bids opened Wednesday are for the demolition of Memorial Hospital and the medical buildings. However, the demolition will not include the two parking garages across from the hospital.

“We’re going to let our engineers take a deep look at the bids and check their credentials,” said Grim.

Once the city engineers  make a recommendation, the city council will reveal their selection for the demolition at an upcoming public meeting.

The city expects the funding for the demolition to come from community development association loans and possibly bond sales.

The following is a list of the contractor bids in order of highest to lowest:

• Carl Belt, Inc., Cumberland, $3,988,000

• Norelco Corp., Pittsburgh, $3,595,000

• Total Wrecking, Buffalo, N.Y., $2,990,000

• NCM Demolition, Baltimore, $2,877,000

• Advanced Builders, Perryopolis, Pa., $2,835,000

• Richard E. Pierson Construction, Pilesgrove, N.J., $2,679,230

• Yannuzzi & Sons, Hillsborough, N.J., $2,600,000

• Cambria Contracting, Lockport, N.Y., $2,395,000

• Rubble Bee Recycling, Owings Mills, $2,310,413

• Terra Technical Services, Downingtown, Pa., $2,130,000

• Denovo Construction, Chicago, $1,980,000

• National Salvage, Bloomington, Ind., $1,964,000

• Sabra Demolition, Warners, N.Y., $1,931,000

• Dore & Assoc., Bay City, Mich., $1,795,000

• Flynn Wrecking, Pottsville, Pa., $1,695,000

• Demolition Services, Manassas, Va., $1,491,031

• Ritter & Paratore Contracting, Utica, N.Y., $1,467,000

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