Mayor's war on blight goes on

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'Eyesore' comes down as Grim fulfills a campaign promise

Cumberland Times-News, March 20, 2013, Michael Sawyers, photo by Steve Bittner



CUMBERLAND — The blighted house at 106 W. First St. began biting the dust Wednesday as Mayor Brian Grim continued to lead the war on decrepit buildings in the Queen City, following up, he said, on a campaign promise to residents who live near those structures.

“We acquired this property through a tax sale,” Grim said. “It should be razed by the end of the week. It would have been down sooner except for the bad weather.”

Brabson and Sons is demolishing the property and others with a $39,000 contract.

“The others should be razed within the next few weeks,” Grim said, referring to:

• 446 Bond St.

• 321 Henderson Ave.

• 910 Maryland Ave.

• 627-629 Maryland Ave.

• 100 Independence St.

• 451 Pine Ave.

“Up next is 910 Maryland Ave. and watch out Baltimore Avenue, Columbia Street, Henderson and Central Avenue because we are headed that way, too,” Grim said.

Grim, who was on site for the W. First Street demolition Wednesday, said he was particularly pleased to see that structure fall.

“This one has been an eyesore and a point of contention for decades,” he said. “Removing these properties is a financial loss to the city. The foreclosure process alone costs about $2,000, but we do it to improve the neighborhoods.”

Once cleared, the land at 106 W. First St. will be declared surplus by the city and sold by way of bids.

“We make sure to contact adjacent residents to see if they want to bid,” said Grim.

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