Neighborhoods Matter

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The Mayor's concern for residential conditions throughout Cumberland has brought about the initiation of a program designed to engage residents in resolving typical neighborhood issues.


In 2014, the program focused on Downtown Cumberland, including all structures from Will's Creek to Queen City Drive and the viaduct to the Crosstown Bridge.  Also receiving attention were Baltimore Avenue and Goethe Street.


In 2013, the Mayor has proposed that the program focus on Maryland Avenue, Elm Street, Gay Street, Glenwood Street, Baltimore Avenue, Goethe Street, Columbia Street, Independence Street, Chestnut Street, Walnut Street, and the South Cumberland neighborhood known as "Little Egypt," including Offutt Street, Elder Street, Humbird Street, Mary Street, and Potomac Street.  "This year I have proposed two visits to each of the targeted neighborhoods, once to advise residents of property maintenance and code violations and a second time to hand out citations if they fail to comply.  We have to show that we are serious about changing the way our city looks and make certain that homes are safe for those living in them," said Grim.


The Mayor and City Council recognize the importance of having healthy neighborhoods throughout the City of Cumberland and have encouraged city staff to reach out to residents to improve city neighborhoods though one-on-one interactions in a door-to-door effort.  To accomplish the goal, city staff select neighborhoods based on a criteria of visibility, gateways into the city, and concentrations of known property maintenance violations.


Annually, the “Neighborhoods Matter” program unites city code enforcement, fire, police, and public works staff with neighborhood-based organizations to identify and resolve typical problems that exist throughout the city. The program was initiated in the Summer of 2011 and initially focused on the neighborhoods of Goethe Street, Baltimore Avenue, Maryland Avenue, Elm Street, Virginia Avenue, Henderson Avenue, Columbia Avenue, Park Street and Central Avenue.


In the Summer of 2012, the program was expanded to cover a greater number of neighborhoods, continuing to focus on some that had been part of the 2011 program, but included many more.  Neighborhoods that are part of the 2012 program include Goethe Street, Baltimore Avenue, Decatur Street, Grand Avenue, Arch Street, Centre Street, Mechanic Street, Valley Street, Springdale Street, Oak Street, High Bedford Street, Hill Street, Independence Street, Columbia Street, Maryland Avenue, Ascension Street, Baker Street, and Jefferson Street, as well as feeder and connecting streets in each of the associated neighborhoods.


Throughout the program, Cumberland code enforcement and fire department staff undertake a door-to-door survey of each neighborhood to assess general conditions and identify specific issues that need attention. During this review, code enforcement staff work to address code compliance issues and, when warranted, provide residents with a checklist of items to be resolved. Fire department personnel are available to check smoke detectors and provide new detection units where needed, while offering fire safety information to residents. Issues regarding street conditions, such as pot holes and street sweeping schedules, are identified and evaluated by public works staff and residents are encouraged to speak with police department personnel who are available to address neighborhood safety concerns.


Members of the Mayor and Council also walk the neighborhoods to evaluate the needs of the residents and have invited representatives of the many neighborhood organizations to join them and city staff in this community improvement effort.


“The program name, ‘Neighborhoods Matter,’ really speaks to the reason behind our efforts,” said Mayor Brian Grim. “We truly do believe this is an issue that needs our collective and concentrated attention because the conditions within a neighborhood greatly impact the quality of life of our residents,” added Grim.


Neighborhoods Matter Home Fire Safety Reminders

Please check your smoke detectors on a monthly basis.  Smoke detectors should be on every level of your home and in every bedroom.  If detectors are not functioning property, please check and replace the batteries.  Smoke detectors save lives!


If you need assistance checking your detectors, replacing batteries, or need new detectors and cannot afford to replace them, contact the Cumberland Fire Department at 301-759-6485 for assistance.  Free detectors are available upon request.


Never leave candles or cooking food unattended, as it may cause a fire.


Maintain a safety plan for your home, including an escape plan in case of an emergency, especially if you have children.


Do not rely on extension cords to run appliances in your home, as most are not intended for constant usage and may become overloaded, melt, or catch fire.



Neighborhoods Matter Trash Collection Reminders


Trash collection is conducted on assigned days in every Cumberland neighborhood.  Collection dates are as scheduled:

Monday & Thursday - East Side & West Side

Tuesday & Friday - South Cumberland

Wednesday & Friday - Downtown

Wednesday & Saturday - North Cumberland


No trash may be placed at the curb for collection before dusk the day before collection and all empty containers must be removed from the curb prior to 6:00 p.m. on the day of the collection.


Trash containers should not exceed a 40 lb weight and must have securely fitted lids.


Ashes must be placed in a watertight container that weighs less than 40 lb and is dry and cool.


Boxes, brush, and yard waste must be cut down to a length not to exceed forty-eight inches and should

be bundled, tied, and secured.


Recycling collection for #1, #2, #4, #5, and #7 plastics, metal cans and newspaper/copy paper/magazines/cardboard are on an alternating schedule, the trash collection of each week.


Property owners are responsible for loose trash that blows from a can or torn bag, as well as that which comes from upset cans.



Neighborhoods Matter Bulk Trash Collection


Large, bulk items may be picked up by the City of Cumberland when scheduled for collection.  To schedule a pickup of a bulk item, please call City Hall at 301-759-6620.  There are fees associated with this service, as noted below.


Category 1:  $3.00 per item - small chairs, tables, sinks, toilets, small televisions, and other items weighing less than 50 lbs


Category 2:  $6.00 per item - mattresses, box springs, couches, carpeting, padding, large televisions, dressers, cabinets, bathtubs, and items weighing between 50 lbs and 150 lbs


Category 3:  $18.00 per item - white goods such as stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, air conditioners, freezers, etc.


City of Cumberland Code Enforecement questions can be directed to

Mr. Buck Taylor, Code Enforcement Officer at 301-722-6419

or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.