No job listing for administrator position, yet

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July 20, 2011

Cumberland Times-News, Elaine Blaisdell


Selection committee plans Oct. 1 as date to close applications


CUMBERLAND— Acting City Administrator Jeff Rhodes will remain in the position until the end of the calendar year, according to Mayor Brian Grim. The city administrator position has not been advertised and the city will begin the process of hiring someone after the selection committee has had a chance to review the recruitment profile.

“Thus far, the job has not been listed anywhere, but we have received calls from individuals interested in applying. We intend to close the acceptance of applications on October 1 and are hopeful to open for the position August 1, but those details have not been nailed down absolutely,” said Grim. “The interview and review process would likely take several weeks and the person would be named to begin on January 1.”

During Tuesday’s City Council meeting, resident Herb?Broll recommended that the council change the city charter to offer the city administrator position to Rhodes.

“I think he is capable and I have full confidence in him,” said Broll. “I don’t think the city should waste a dime in trying to recruit anybody, because frankly we don’t have the extra money to do that.”

Grim thought that Rhodes would most likely apply for the position.

“Jeff has provided a flawless transition thus far and his knowledge of the city, having worked in this community for many years, has allowed him to make the transition without any interruptions,” said Grim. “I have great confidence in our acting administrator.”

Rhodes became acting city administrator after former City Administrator Jeff Repp resigned. Repp had been in the position for 17 years.

In other city news, Councilman Nicholas Scarpelli commended the police department for a decline in incidents.

“I would like to congratulate you, Chief (Charles Hinnant), because I did notice on the report there has been a 10 percent decline in incidents the past year compared to last year.?I think that’s commendable,” said Scarpelli.

The total number of incidents for the fiscal year that ended June 2010 was 2,703 and the total number for the year ending June 2011 was 2,350.

“The 10 percent reduction not only included crime reported but also included traffic stops, patrol checks, along with other services provided by the police department,” said Hinnant. “Last year, Part I Crime (serious crime) in Cumberland was down 1 percent over 2009 totals. This type of change is not unusual.”

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