Mayor's Challenge volunteers caught "red handed," painting fire engine

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Photo caption:  From left to right, Aden Lehman, Layne Growden, Jayme Growden, Dylan Viola, Grace Zembower, Haley Viola, Gillian Viola, and Sydney Ibarra, pose in front of the fire engine at Constitution Park, after having spent the day painting the engine as part of the Mayor’s Challenge. 


Mayor’s Challenge volunteers caught “red handed,” painting fire engine


The Mayor’s Challenge, a program initiated by Cumberland Mayor Brian Grim, launched on May 1, and lasts through the end of August, challenging every individual who works, goes to school, or lives in Cumberland to donate 25 hours of time this summer to beautification projects in the City of Cumberland.

“The City of Cumberland is crying out for citizens to step up, take the lead, and make a difference.  And that’s precisely what I’m challenging every citizen to do,” said Grim. 

On June 4, members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints volunteered in the Constitution Park, painting play equipment and large equipment near the pool.  Then, on June 13, Jayme Growden and her family took the Mayor’s Challenge and spent the whole day painting the fire engine in the Constitution Park.

“These kinds of efforts by citizens speak volumes about our community.  It’s citizen-led efforts that mean the most when it comes to cleaning up the city,” said Grim.

The next project being organized by the Mayor is a cleanup of the brush along Kelly Road, leading to the railroad crossing, along the Potomac River.  Brush will be cleared and the concrete wall will be painted.  The project is planned for this coming weekend, beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 18.  Dozens of volunteers are needed to complete the project in one day.

“The first major business supporter of the Mayor’s Challenge is on board, providing $6,000.00 worth of paint to these volunteer projects,” said Grim.  Naylor’s True Value Hardware on Industrial Boulevard has agreed to a major donation to the beautification projects.  “This is another testament to the generosity of our community.  And it’s another reason why it’s important to shop local and buy local.  Shop at Naylor’s and tell them ‘thank you for supporting the Mayor’s Challenge,” said the Mayor.

The Mayor’s Challenge continues throughout the summer and additional projects are being organized.  Financial contributions for recognition of volunteers and donations of supplies and materials are also being accepted.  Full details about getting involved are available online at or by contacting the mayor by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .