Who's taken the challenge?

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Many Cumberland residents have stepped up to take the Challenge, getting their hands dirty or organizing a team of volunteers or project.



Cumberland resident Alan Ganoe took the challenge to make a difference in May 2013, leading a cleanup of the McMullen Bridge from Centre Street to Decatur Street.  Ganoe led the way in collecting eight bags of trash and spraying weeds to make the bridge a nicer pedestrian passageway.

Meanwhile, more than a dozen volunteers gathered on Queen City Drive to participate in a Let's Beautify Cumberland cleanup that included raking, trimming, mulching, planting, and cleaning up debris.  The effort was led by Councilwoman Nicole Wagoner and Councilman Nicholas Scarpelli.


Residents of Woodside Avenue came together in May 2012 to make a difference in their neighborhood.  Led by Woodside Avenue resident Dr. Lex Merrill, the residents cleaned up the street, removed dozens of bags of trash, and painted the guardrail along the street.  "You can get a lot done if you don't care who gets the credit," said Merrill. 

Thanks to the residents of Woodside Avenue for being an example for other neighborhoods of the power of working together to make a difference!


In March of 2012, Cresaptown Boy Scout Troop 9 spent a Saturday morning cleaning up Greene Street.  Thanks to scouts and scout leaders including Tim Alexander, Bobby Halle, Jacob Eft, Gary Alexander, Fleming Betz, Jonathan Harper, Griffith Speis, Caleb Brown, Michael Nelson, and Reese Mikula.  The scouts and six parents collected 19 bags of trash.  City employee John Chapman, secured flagmen that helped ensure the scouts' safety.  Scoutmaster Steve Nelson helped to organize the effort.

Thanks to the support of Boy Scout Troop 9!


Congratulations and thanks to Jerry Wilson for having given the most number of hours during the 2011 Mayor's Challenge - more than 75 hours!

In recognition of Mr. Wilson's tremendous service to the community, he was presented, at a public Cumberland City Council meeting, with the first Mayor's Citation to be given, as well as a Governor's Citation from Governor Martin O'Malley.

Pictured, left to right, are Councilman David Kauffman, Councilwoman Mary Beth Pirolozzi, Mr. Jerry Wilson, Councilman Butch Hendershot, Mayor Brian Grim, and Councilman Nicholas Scarpelli.


Volunteers with Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services and the Centre Street playground and neighborhood came together this fall to significantly clean up the Centre Street playground.  Dozens of bags of trash were collected, new mulch was installed, and the sidewalk planter was renewed.

Volunteers included Al Reed, Gary Taylor, Zachary Beaulieu, Rich Parsons, Greg Fuller, Judy Spencer, Zach Whittington, Pete Elliott, Monna Johnson, Nathan Light, and Jennifer Parsons. 


 Allegany College of Maryland students took the Challenge, spending four hours completing cleanup projects in Downtown Cumberland.


During the week of August 1, volunteers from the Cumberland YMCA's Y-Teens Summer Youth Program took on the repainting of the caboose in the Constitution Park.  The YMCA staff and teenagers in the program took on the Mayor's Challenge in a big way.

Pictured first is the caboose before repainting began with a photo that follows, after just one day of painting, but before the caboose was fully renewed.


On June 18, volunteers gathered to clean-up the wall on Kelly Road, along the Potomac River.  The wall was overgrown with trees, grape vines, and poison ivy.  Volunteers took the project head-on, removing all of the vegetation and uncovering a wall severly deteriorated as a result of years of vegetation taking over.  Plans for renovation of the wall had initially included painting, but due in part to poor weather and largely due to the deteriorated condition of the wall uncovered from the removal of the vegetation, painting was cancelled.

Prior to clearing, the view of the Potomac River was not clear and the wall was not well kept.

 Eight pickup truck loads of brush, tree limbs, and poison ivy vines were hauled away, as were 20 bags of litter and debris that lined the roadway, at the base of the wall.  While painting did not take place, the volunteer effort made a tremendous difference.


Thanks to Naylor's Ace Hardware

Naylor's Ace Hardware on Industrial Boulevard has come on board as a Mayor's Challenge supporter, donating over $12,000.00 worth of paint and supplies for volunteer projects in the City of Cumberland.  Naylor's is a true partner for the City of Cumberland - support Naylor's and while you are there, thank them for being part of the Mayor's Challenge!

Included in the donation are 255 gallons of paint, rust inhibitor, oil and grease remover, and paint thinner.  


From the left, Naylor's Vice President Rodger Uphold, Mayor Brian Grim, and Naylor's Manager Joseph Delosier, stand surrounded by the more than $8,000.00 worth of paint and supplies donated for the Mayor's Challenge, June 17, 2011.  Naylor's on Industrial Boulevard, made a major contribution to the volunteer efforts to clean up the City of Cumberaland! 


Jayme Growden and her family, including Aden Lehman, Layne Growden, Grace Zembower, Sydney Ibarra, Gillian Viola, Dylan Viola and Haley Viola, took the Mayor's Challenge and spent the entire day on June 13, painting the fire engine in the Constitution Park.  The Growden Family's service to the community has helped to further brighten the Constitution Park for visitors. 

The fire engine was dramatically transformed by these gracious volunteers, with a significant face lift, with these images showing the "before" and "after," of the volunteer service efforts.


Volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints gave much of their day on June 4, to repaint equipment at the Constitution Park

The Volunteers painted both small play equipment as well as large staples of the hillside of Constitution Park


Cumberland Resident, Marc Nelson, took on the challenge of completing a project that was started on the Day of Caring and Sharing.  A wall that was previously littered with graffiti was painted as a Caring and Sharing project, but required additional attention to complete.  Marc assisted on the Day of Caring and Sharing and spent additional time, days afterward, to make sure that the project was complete, the graffiti was covered, and the neighborhood was made to shine.  Now, the Baltimore Avenue retaining wall looks great, thanks to Marc's efforts!


On Saturday, May 21, four Cumberland residents came together to collect trash along Route 51 (Industrial Boulevard), between Seymour Street and the former Ames Plaza.  In total, 26 bags of trash were collected from both sides of eastbound and westbound Route 51.  The young citizens spent four hours making certain that the stretch of highway was litter free, making it a beautiful, green stretch of road.



Long-time Cumberland volunteer, Jerry Wilson has taken the Challenge seriously from day one, continuing his dedication to community service, beautifying his neighborhood, and transforming a major thoroughfare through Cumberland.

Jerry Wilson:  "I mowed from Valley to Franklin along the tracks today...picked up trash and filled in some ruts Monday...weed wacked Sunday...weeded the flower beds Saturday..."

Wilson's dedication to keeping the grass along Henderson Avenue cut and the neighborhood cleaned up has made him an unsung Cumberland hero for many years.