Mayor's Challenge

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Get your hands dirty cleaning up Cumberland!



 "The City of Cumberland is crying out for her citizens to step up, take the lead, and make a difference. And that's precisely what I'm challenging every citizen to do!"

-  Mayor Brian K. Grim -


     It will take a citywide effort to clean up, revitalize, and restore Cumberland.  Government is not the answer to our problems - it is the energy, drive, and spirit of the people that propel initiatives forward and I'm calling on the citizens to be that fuel, to get your hands dirty, and to clean up Cumberland in a significant way!

     The Mayor's Challenge is my challenge to everybody who lives, works, or goes to school in Cumberland - every Cumberland citizen - to volunteer at least 25 hours of your time every three months, within the City of Cumberland, on projects that will clean up and beautify the city.  Projects may be on private property, public property, in your neighborhood, or elsewhere in Cumberland.


From the Cumberland Times-News, May 17, 2011 edition...


    Mr. Jerry Wilson has been recognized for giving the greatest number of volunteer hours in the summer months, while taking the Mayor's Challenge.  Mr. Wilson was presented with a t-shirt at a public City Council meeting, as well as the first ever Mayor's Citation and a Citation from Maryland Governor, Martin O'Malley.


     We're all in this together; together we will make a difference!




Are you up to the challenge?