WCBC: Grim Points to Miscommunication Not Test by Staff

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WCBC, March 3, 2011

Acknowledging that communication issues were a factor and calling the situation a debacle- Cumberland Mayor Brian Grim stopped short of criticizing any individuals responsible for a letter that was sent to property owners delinquent with their tax bills.

The letter gave residents the impression that even if they only only a few months behind in their taxes- their homes were at risk of being put up for sale. City Administrator Jeff Repp told WCBC News the letter was drafted by the city’s comptroller. Mayor Grim, emphasizing that the council did not approve the letter or even have prior knowledge of it until hearing from concerned residents- said there was an obvious breakdown in communications and how the matter was conducted by staff will be addressed. Grim was asked if he felt the new administration was being “tested” by staff.