City Provides Real Property Tax notices to Property Owners in Cumberland

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From the Office of the City Administrator

Press Release

February 28, 2011


City Provides Real Property Tax Notices to Property Owners in Cumberland

Beginning this week property owners in Cumberland were being provided notice of their current tax status in the City. 

“Notices were provided to approximately 25% of the property owners in Cumberland who are late or delinquent in paying their property taxes,” stated City Administrator Jeff Repp.  “Two different notices were provided city property owners who are delinquent on their taxes.”

The first notice for those who are three (3) years in arrears on their taxes shows the amount for all three years the property owners is late and the amount that will be sent to the County offices for inclusion in the tax sale unless arrangements are made by March 31st.

The second notice was sent to property owners who are one or two years delinquent and eligible for tax sale, but in years past have not been certified to the County in the past.  Any decision for those to be included in the tax sale would be made by the Mayor and City Council.

“The only confusion with the second notice,” stated Mr. Repp “Is that property owners who are eligible and elect to pay semi-annual payments don’t read the property tax bill sufficiently to notice the payment dates when those payments are due.  Most residents assume that ‘semi-annual’ means that I can make the first payment before January and the next payment before July.  In reality, both payments have to be received by the City before December 31st for the bill not to be considered delinquent.”

As stated on the tax bill sent to property owners:

SEMI-ANNUAL PAYMENT SCHEDULE:  The first installment (Coupon #1) is due during the months of July, August, and September.  The first coupon will be overdue as of October 1, and interest and penalty charges will be assessed each month thereafter until paid.  Your second installment (Coupon #2) is by December 31.  The second coupon will be overdue on January 1, and interest and penalty charges will be assessed each month thereafter until paid.

“Most property owners when the notice is explained to them understand that what they thought in them being current was not necessarily the case and that the payment by various month on their bill is the amount of tax with penalty and interest for being late applied to the tax bill,” added Mr. Repp. 

State law provides that any amount of past due taxes can be certified for tax sale, whether one, two or three years.  The past practice in Allegany County has been to only certify those which are three years in arrears.

For additional questions please contact Mr. Repp at 301.759.6424 or Jeffrey Rhodes, Director of Administrative Services at 301.759.6434.